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Five Ways Your Home Will Benefit by Using PVC Pipes

blue pvc pipes benefits grand valley plumbing

If you live in a home that’s 20 years or older, chances are you’ll have to replace your pipes soon. Since 2000, plastic piping, also known as polyvinyl chloride (PVC), has become the preferred choice for homeowners for a number of advantages.
Here are the top five:

PVC Costs Less

PVC piping is less expensive than galvanized steel or copper piping due to the cost of the raw materials to make them. PVC pipes are cheaper to produce and easier to transport. The result? The cost savings are passed along to the homeowner!

PVC is Easy to Install and Repair

Installing plastic pipes is easier and faster. Plumbers use a plumbing cement and glue pipes together forming an air-tight bond. Metal pipes need to be soldered together, which is labor-intensive and involves welding equipment. Repairing a plastic pipe is also easier because instead of having to replace an entire pipe as you would with a metal one, the damaged section of a PVC pipe is cut out and replaced with a coupler.

PVC Lasts Longer

Metal pipes face two enemies that PVC pipes do not: rust and corrosion. Over time, metal pipes corrode from the inside out creating leaks. PVC pipes do not carry the same risk because plastic doesn’t corrode or rust. As a result, PVC pipes tend to last longer.

PVC is Energy Efficient

It is a fact that metal transfers heat better than plastic. Therefore, metal pipes are more susceptible to external temperatures. Plumbers minimize the heat loss by installing insulation around metal pipes, which adds expense and lasts around a decade before it needs to be replaced. PVC pipes do not need to be insulated because they are less susceptible to temperature fluctuations.

PVC is Sustainable

When it comes to using PVC versus metal piping, PVC pipe is the clear winner as an environmentally friendly solution. When a PVC pipe system reaches the end of its lifespan, the pipes can be recycled. Metal pipes cannot be re-purposed and tend to be scrapped.

If this is the year to replace your pipes, contact the plumbing professionals at Grand Valley Plumbing for a free estimate. As a fully licensed and family-owned company, Grand Valley Plumbing has helped many households in the Grand Rapids area find a cost-effective solution that keeps homes running efficiently for years to come.