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How to Prevent Hard Water Issues

Rockford Plumbing

Do you live in an area where hard water is common? Hard water simply refers to the presence of sediment in your water. While mineral-rich water doesn’t pose as a threat to your health, it can have devastating effects on your home’s plumbing if left unattended.

At Grand Valley Plumbing, we make it our mission to empower our clients by giving them the information they need to make good decisions for their home. Below are our top tips for how to prevent hard water from inconveniencing you and your family.

Install Water Softening Equipment

The most reliable way to prevent hard water damage is to install water softening equipment in your home. This equipment works to significantly reduce the effect hard water has on your home. Hard water contains both calcium and magnesium ions, which are positively charged. As they flow through the water softener, the positive ions are attracted to negatively charged beads in the mineral tank. This filtering process makes your water softer.

Reduce the Temperature on Your Hot Water Heater

By reducing the temperature of your hot water heater, you are preventing the sediment trapped inside from solidifying at a faster rate. Hardened minerals on the bottom of the tank make your hot water heater less energy efficient. In other words, your appliance has to work harder to produce the same amount of heat for your household. A slightly lower temperature can slow down this process so you and your family can enjoy your hot water heater for as long as possible.

Protect Dishes with Vinegar

Do you have a white residue on your dishes and glasses? Hard water can take a toll on your dishware, reducing their aesthetic appeal. Vinegar can be a great solution to safeguard your dishes from unsightly stains. The acidic properties in vinegar allow it to dissolve mineral deposits, so you are left with dishes that sparkle.

Keep Surfaces Dry

When hard water evaporates, the minerals left behind create stains. These unsightly stains can be difficult to remove and can cause your home to not look its best. A common place where hard water stains appear is on glass shower doors. Rubber squeegees work best to remove the excess water from these types of surfaces.

If you are interested in how we can help maintain and repair your home’s plumbing, please feel free to call our Rockford office at 616.901.1149. At Grand Valley Plumbing, we are dedicated towards helping you prolong the life of your home’s plumbing system for as long as possible.