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How Does a Sump Pump Work?

Rockford Plumber

Part of being a new homeowner is making sure you understand what plumbing is necessary to safeguard yourbasement from flooding. Sump pumps are great for homes that have been built at the bottom of hills or in areas that experience a lot of meltwater in the spring. At Grand Valley Plumbing, our Rockford plumbers understand that you want to make the best plumbing decisions for your household, which is why we have provided this plumbers guide for the most commonly asked questions we get about sump pumps. At Grand Valley Plumbing, we believe that informed customers make the best customers.

Where are sump pumps located?

The key reason for a sump pump’s effectiveness starts with its strategic location in your Rockford home. Since gravity causes water to flow to the lowest place, the sump pump system is installed in the lower-most part of your home’s basement or crawlspace.

How does a sump pump work?

Water that pools around the foundation of the house eventually finds its way into the sump pit through either gravity or drains. From there it is pumped up and away from the house via the sump pump.Once the water is pumped outside of your house, it will drain away from your foundation. This ensures that your basement remains dry despite the amount of snowmelt or rainfall Rockford, MI receives.

Can a sump pump fail?

Remember that your sump pump system will only work as long as it has power. For example, if it becomes unplugged, or yourhome loses power, the sump pump will not be able to work. For this reason, many homeowners decide to install a backuppump and alarms so that their home can remain dry and protected from water damage no matter what. For that added peace of mind, a backup pumpcan be a wise investment in your home.

How can I check that my home’s sump pump works?

If you are anticipating a lot of rain, it may be a good idea to check that your home’s sump pump is in working condition. There are two methods to test your basement sump pump. At Grand Valley Plumbing, we recommend that you do both so that you are absolutely sure your sump pump is working properly.

Method 1

  • Locate the outlet where your sump pump system is plugged in.
  • Disconnect both of the sump pump’s plugs.
  • Plug in just the plug for the sump pump.
  • Wait for the sump pump to turn on.

Method 2

  • Make sure both of the sump pump’s plugs are plugged in.
  • Remove the lid from the sump pit.
  • Pour enough water into the sump pit until the float raises.
  • Wait for the sump pump to turn on.
  • Wait for the water level to decrease.

If the sump pump doesn’t turn on or isn’t working properly, be sure to call Grand Valley Plumbing for ourRockford sump pump repair service.

If you are in need of oursump pump services, including fixing or replacing your pump system in the near future, please feel free to call our Rockford plumbing company at (616) 901-1149. At Grand Valley Plumbing, we are dedicated toward providing quality plumbing services to Rockford homeowners.