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Free Water Hardness Analysis

Free Water Hardness Analysis

Are the stains in your bathtub or spots on your clean glassware driving you mad? Are you suffering from dry, itchy skin or dealing with dry, lifeless hair?

It could be due to hard water, which can cause damage to both you and your home.

Hardness means your water contains more minerals than it should. And while it is not a health hazard, as water experts, we understand how much of a nuisance hard water can be to you and your household.

It can cause:

  • Film on glass shower doors, shower walls, bath tubs, sinks and faucets
  • Hair to feel sticky and look dull
  • Laundered clothes to appear dingy and feel scratchy
  • An increase in the amount of soap and detergent needed for cleaning
  • A film of sticky soap curd on skin
  • Irritated skin

When your water is hard, it can make life hard, too. Contact Grand Valley Plumbing for a free water hardness analysis today or call us directly at 616.901.1149!