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Common Bathroom Sink Plumbing Issues

Plumbers In Rockford, MI

Nothing is worse than finding out that you need a repair done for your bathroom sink. At Grand Valley Plumbing, we are aware that our clients may not know what to look for when they suspect a plumbing issue in their bathroom. For this reason, as plumbing contractors, we have decided to create a list of the most common issues our clients have with their bathroom sinks. If you recognize any of these problems, please do not hesitate to call our Rockford office so we can send a plumbing professional over to your home or business as soon as possible. At Grand Valley Plumbing, we offer both residential and commercial plumbing services.

Slow Drainage

A common problem homeowners face is having a bathroom sink that drains slowly. You’ll notice after you run the bathroom faucet that the water may be draining so slow that the water appears to be standing. Most of the time, this issue can be resolved by simply using a pipe snake or drain cleaner available at most supermarkets. If after doing this, the water in your bathroom sink still isn’t draining properly, be sure to give us a call. This could be a sign that there has been a break in the pipe.

Drips & Leaks

A dripping bathroom sink faucet can cost you money over the long run if it isn’t fixed by a plumbing professional. While sometimes homeowners with the proper plumbing experience can fix a leaky bathroom faucet by themselves, we recommend that you give us a call.

Sometimes, drips can also be a sign of a larger plumbing issue. Be sure to check under your bathroom sink occasionally for leaks. Not only can leaks cost you more on your next water bill, but they can even cause water damage and mold if the problem persists.

Low Water Pressure

When you turn on the tap, is there only a trickle of water coming through or no water at all? This could be a sign of low water pressure. The cause of this issue is usually from a clogged faucet, which can be fixed by tying a plastic bag filled with vinegar over the faucet for a few hours. (This can also work with shower heads.) If this doesn’t solve the problem, we recommend you call Grand Valley Plumbing. Other more serious causes of low water pressure include plumbing blockages or a burst pipe. Both of which can lead to more expensive repairs if left unattended.

If you are interested in our bathroom plumbing services, please feel free to contact our Rockford office at (616) 901-1149. At Grand Valley Plumbing, we have been committed toward serving West Michigan clients since 2006.